These Drinks Could be Harming Your Teeth

We have been taught to brush our teeth regularly since childhood, it is that part of the routine that cannot be taken out. Our day is incomplete without taking care of our teeth and brushing seems to be enough for keeping are teeth away from staining. But sometimes, it might not be enough for our teeth as everything we eat has an impact on us where some food types could particularly be the reason for teeth staining. While we know things like berries, coffee, red wine and soya sauce are teeth staining foods but these are not the only ones. There are some everyday food types we like to eat or drink regularly that could be staining your teeth without you realizing it.

Lemonade is the favorite summer drink of most people while being quite easy to make also. However, the drink is a mixture that has acid and sugar in it. Acidity of lemonade could erode the top layer enamel from your teeth hence causing the stains. The layer below enamel is the dentin which is quite yellow and might be the reason your teeth are increasingly yellowing.

blue gatoradeWhile we are talking about drinks, another drink you should add in your teeth staining drinks is the blue Gatorade. It is not the color of the drink but the sugar content that is causing damage to your teeth. It not only encourages bacteria growth but also causes tooth decay problems due to sugar in the drink. Time to keep a check on what you are drinking!

Although we are aware of what red wine does to your teeth as far as staining goes, what we might not know is white wine could also be equally responsible if taken with certain foods. For instance, drinking white wine right before eating pasta loaded with tomato sauce is guaranteeing teeth staining.

Green is always healthy and green juices are the new in thing for health conscious people. No doubt, these drinks have a positive on the overall wellbeing of the body but make sure you don’t have it with teeth staining ingredients. As a general rule, the food stains that are hard to get off from your cloths are also the foods that have the tendency to stain your teeth. Green juices and smoothies are usually taken with teeth staining berries and other such ingredients. You can avoid the staining y simply using straw instead of sipping from the glass/container.

Tea is another known teeth staining drink no matter which kind you prefer, black, brown or even as light as green tea. They all have teeth staining agents which give a yellowish tinge to your teeth. Since, it is practically impossible for most of us to live without tea, a better option is to brush your teeth within 30 minutes of drinking or eating anything that falls under the teeth staining category. This will save your teeth color without you having to give up on almost everything you love and survive on during the day.