Resume Your Way To Success

The “perfect resume,” does this sound impossible to you to achieve? Well, if you think that you can’t possibly create the perfect resume, than chances are you won’t. Your best bet then would be to stand in front of a mirror several times a day and rehearse this line… “Do you want fries with that?”

In all seriousness, proven resumes have opened up doors of opportunity for people all over the globe. You have to believe first of all, in yourself, and then believe you will reach your goals. If you don’t have job experience, then equate life experiences instead.

You want to get to the point quickly. Gone are the days when resumes needed to be over six pages long. Now, potential employers do not want to plow through sheets of papers to find their next hire. You want to make an impression on the person who is likely buried under reams of resumes already piled on their desk. What makes you stand out in the crowd? What do you have to offer someone that others might not realize they have?

Keep yourself goal-oriented. Don’t wander off the beaten path in subject matter. If you are trying for an academic position present your academic qualifications. Use trigger words for that field, or that industry. If you don’t know what those words are, then do your research prior to starting your resume.

What point or points are you trying to convey? What are your goals? Pay attention to your content, how it is presented and keep on point.

Do several dry runs. Use the resources available to you in order to format your resume. There are resume workshops given by various organizations. Books fill the library shelves about how to write the perfect resume. Job fairs hand out pamphlets with tips on how to write a strong resume. Visit your local bookstore or surf the Internet for ideas on how to write a resume, or talk to a professional resume writer about what you can do to be different.

Write down your strengths and weaknesses. Consider the industry or field you are approaching and see where your strengths lie. You don’t want to give someone an outline of your life. You want to sell yourself on this thin piece of paper, because here lays the opportunity for advancement. To get out of the unemployment line and get into gainful employment that should be your goal.

Avoid run-on sentences and don’t overuse commas. Make your sentences punch the reader; the shorter sentences used the better your resume will look. Bring the reader into your world of knowledge and expertise. Avoid words that are often overused; like, and, this, it, and was.

Once the resume is finished, do what many writers do and read your work from the end to the beginning (backwards). This process allows you to concentrate not on what you said, but how you said it. Proofreading this way allows you to focus on content and keeps your attention honed in to the page before you. If it reads well backward to you, think of how coherent this resume will be to the person that matters… your next employer.