Treatment for eyes can come in the form of simple lifestyle changes. Sometimes a patient can keep problems at bay with just a few simple eye exercises and an improvement to their diet. Cataracts for example are very slow to form, and a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as regular eye exercises can slow down the onset of cataracts even more. Healthy lifestyle treatment however will only work if the condition is caught early. If it has developed to the point where eye sight is being seriously affected then other treatment will be needed.

Another common treatment given to patients with eye problems is eye drops. This can work well for a number of conditions. In particular the early stages of glaucoma can be successfully treated with eye drops. Because eye glaucoma occurs when the drainage canals in the eye become blocked, the eye drops can be used to unblock the channels. This can help relieve the build up of pressure in the eye and slow down the onset of glaucoma. This can be a very effective treatment although the condition needs to be in the relatively early stages for it to work.

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